Digital Environmental Education Program (DEEP)

In light of school closures and the cancellation of our outdoor environmental education programs, we would like to introduce our new Digital Environmental Education Program (DEEP) – accessible to everyone, designed especially for kids! 


What is DEEP?

The Galiano Conservancy is trying something new! We want to facilitate remote ecological learning via online resources in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the GCA’s long history developing and delivering outdoor education programs, we have accumulated a wonderful array of resources and activities for all age groups. DEEP is our new Digital Environmental Education Program that will support parents, teachers and all young nature lovers by providing teaching / learning material digitally through the GCA website and other linked online sources. 

DEEP Challenges

Every two weeks we will post a new DEEP Challenge! This will include an informational article and an associated challenge. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun – we never stop learning! We will ask participants to send their results to the GCA via e-mail and we will publish an article about it the following week. 

At the end of each 4-week cycle, we will share the DEEP-Challenge highlights with the island community via the Active Page and our website.

Let’s keep kids connected to nature and learning outdoors as we face these challenging times together (remotely!).


Emily, Ria & Frieda

This week’s DEEP Challenge!

Deep-Challenge #6: All about Berries

Today, it is all about Berries! Challenge starts June 1st and finishes June 15th Here on Galiano Island, there is a big interest in ‘grazing’ through the woods. During the spring, we love to ea…

DEEP-Challenge #5: Wildflowers

Look out for wildflowers & press one of your favourite flowers Challenge starts May 18th and finishes June 1st Pressing of Calypso Orchid, also called Fairy Slipper (source: Frieda Weine…

Deep-Challenge #4: Beachside Bingo

Beachside Bingo! Challenge starts May 4th and finishes May 17th Plumose Anemone on Galiano Island (source: Frieda Weinert) Discover the vast biodiversity of British Columbia’s intertidal zo…

DEEP-Challenge #3: Birding

Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt! Challenge starts April 20th and finishes May 3rd Bald Eagle on Saturna Island (source: Frieda Weinert). Bird Watching, or birding is a style of wildlife ob…