Fireside Adventures

July was the month of Fireside Adventure groups.

Fireside Adventures is a Vancouver based company that works with individuals and groups. They take eager kids, youth and adults on single and multi-day camping adventures locally and internationally. This July they came to Galiano to experience our awesome educational programs.

From July 4th to 18th we had 5 different Fireside groups participate in our education programs.  Kids aged 10-18 took part in Marine Investigation, Backcountry Experience, and the brand new Native Plant Inspirations Programs. Many of these groups were on a super camping adventure that spanned 21 days and took the kids to many destinations. These included North Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Sechelt Inlet, Gambier Island, Halkett Bay Provincial Park and Galiano Island!

All of these wonderful groups of youth that came to our programs were engaged, excited and ready to learn. 

Groups set up camp at Montague Provincial Park with bikes and paddle boards to keep active. Three different groups took part in our Marine Investigations program at Montague Provincial park. The kids were blown out of the water when they realized the vast biodiversity found on the dock side and the intertidal zone. They spent time making comfy ‘crabitats’ (Shore crab habitats in buckets) and searched for just the right crab to hop in and test it out. 

‘I have learned about marine life before, but it was super cool to see them and be hands on with them. I also liked that they didn’t just talk at us we got to be hands on’- Age 16

‘I learned loads about marine animals like tube worms and sea urchins’-Cameron age 11

‘I learned that sea cucumbers eject their organs when they feel threatened’-Age 16 

The BC Explorers group consisted of 17 international and local youth who spent three nights camping at the Conservancy’s Millard Learning Centre. This group hiked from Laughlin Lake to Pebble Beach, and through the Vanilla Leaf trail back to the Centre. It was a hot day and a lot of stinging nettles on the way but the kids were amazing and enjoyed the views at Pebble beach the most. On July 14th and 17th the Conservancy’s education team was happy to present a new program that we have been working hard developing called Native Plant Inspirations. This is a full one-day program which focuses on our connection to the land and the plants that surround us by using our senses and being present in nature. At the end of the day students made their own native tea mixes to take home.

‘I like how we got to learn about how you can make tea from different leaves, flowers and berries’ Age 12 

‘The program gave the group very tactile ways to connect with nature. The incorporation of each sense was a great way to structure the program’ Jesse Colautti- Fireside Adventures Leader

Thank you to Fireside and all the great groups you brought to Galiano. We had a great time meeting all these new kids and look forward to more programs with Fireside in the future.