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Inspired by Native Plants

Come try our new NATIVE PLANT INSPITATIONS education program

Native Plant Inspirations is a new education program centred around the Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest, at the Millard Learning Centre where we introduce the students to a variety of native and naturalized plants. The Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest is a garden and restoration learning space, where native plants which possess traditional edible and/or medicinal uses are planted and sustainably cultivated. In groups students work together doing restoration work and planting in this site. Getting gloves on and digging in the dirt gives students experience and memories of working the land to benefit future visitors and wildlife. Not only do we get dirty we also jump in to traditional and western agricultural techniques. What is sustainable agriculture? And how can we support it? We discuss the affects of climate change on our local ecosystems and what we are noticing in our local plants.

During the second half of the day students explore the forest using their five senses. Students receive Nature Journals (which they are able to take home) to make observations and drawings throughout these activities. Our senses connect us to our surroundings and get students ready to identify native and naturalized plants by their taste, touch and smell. At the end of the day we discuses wild harvesting etiquette and technique. With our experienced education team, we go for a walk to harvest some wild plants to dry for teas. Using pre-dried material from previous groups and Galiano Conservancy staff the kids get to make their own tea mixes to take home and enjoy later. 

This program encompasses outdoor learning through observation and experience. After this program not only do kids take home a unique blend of wild crafted tea, but also the physical connection and memory of the native plants that surround us in this beautiful Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem. 

Bring your class for a multi-sensory experience that connects them to the wild, natural beauty of Galiano Island! Click here for how to book the Native Plant Inspirations education program. 

‘It was fun and I liked making tea!!” Anita Age 9

‘I like how we got to learn about how you can make tea from different leaves, flowers and berries’ Age 12 

‘I learned what Oregon Grape was and I got to try it too. And what Trailing Blackberry is and I learned that both taste good.’ Age 12

‘Very well paced. The kids were engaged throughout the day. Having different activities really helped with the levels of knowledge.’ Carmen –Fireside Adventures Leader

‘The program gave the group very tactile ways to connect with nature. The incorporation of each sense we a great way to structure the program’ Jesse Colautti- Fireside Adventures Leader