DEEP-Challenge #2: Nature Art

Create your own nature art collage!

Challenge starts April 13th and finishes April 19th

As spring is arriving & colours are just emerging from the new growth all around us, we want to challenge you with a Nature-Collage — art inspired by nature!

This collage can be made using any material you like to express yourself — be creative! Press flowers, collect coloured rocks, take photos, use old magazines etc., and then glue, draw, paint everything you love on a piece of paper, cardboard, wood, or just arrange your natural art supplies on the ground and take a photo of the completed art piece. Every way is the right way!

Art has no limits, so go outside, breath in the fresh air & get inspired!

This week’s Deep-Challenge winner will receive a prize for the most creative art piece sent to!

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 19th!