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Our Renewable Energy Program is Live!

The Galiano Conservancy Associations has now debuted our new Renewable Energy in Action program!

GCA educators Emily, Ria and Reed with special help from Tom Mommsen (our solar energy expert) have been devoted to the development of this new program. From thought showers to hands-on building and trouble shooting of the experiments, they did it all!

Just to put in to perspective the scope of this program they built; pop can heaters, a solar car racetrack, Blender bikes and Generator bikes. They created interactive games to explain energy and its properties, relay races to understand how photovoltaic cells physically work and hilarious races where the students have to put on layers of clothes to demonstrate greenhouse gases and their effect on climate change. 

On April 3-4, and April 16-17 Salt Spring Island Middle School classes came to the Millard Learning Centre and spent two full days and one night at our off the grid classroom to be the first participants of this program. The Outer Island Middle Years (Galiano, Mayne, Pender, and Saturna Islands Grade 6-8) came on a one-day version of the renewable energy program on April 11th. These three pilot programs were a great success! Students finished this program with a new and exciting understanding of energy! Not only what it is and how it can transform, but also how we can harvest it sustainably and the positive and negatives sides of each renewable energy resource.

Renewable Energy in Action

‘It is important and good to watch our for our planet’- Nuala age 11 

‘I liked learning about other ways we can make energy and save the planet earth’ –Tavin Age 13

 Highlights for most students was drinking the smoothie they made by peddling our blender bike and seeing the maximum volts they could creating from peddling the bike generator and by connecting PV solar cells in series. On the generator bike, one student got up to 200 volts! Using our 1-3 volt solar cells student groups connected them in series to read up to 90 Volts! 

‘There is Energy in EVERYTHING’- Seb age 11

Another amazing aspect to the program was introducing students to Mulitmeters and basic electrical concepts. They learned the difference and definition of Volts, Amps, Watts and Ohms, something even adults find challenging at times. With the Multimeters they tested the voltages produced by their wind turbines, water lily’s (Micro water turbines), the bike generator and solar cells. 

‘I learned how to use wiring and how it works’- Jojo Age 13

‘It showed me new ways I could use the environment to create electricity’- Hazel age 12

The overwhelming majority of students reported that their knowledge and understanding of renewable energy had increased after completing this new GCA Education program! Many students stated they are more likely to turn off lights when not using them and unplug electronics when they have finished charging. Reducing our energy consumption is a huge part of moving toward a sustainable renewable energy world!

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Renewable Energy in Action was made possible through the generous support of: