Renewable Energy in Action

Learn about energy sustainability, why it matters, and have fun in nature at the same time!

(Overnight. Grades 6-12)

Students will gain experience and knowledge of solar photovoltaics, thermal solar, micro-hydro and micro-wind and will apply them in a real-world context through building projects and hands-on demonstrations.

During our new Renewable Energy in Action overnight program, students develop practical science skills while working in nature. By exploring the beautiful Millard Learning Centre with interactive hands-on activities, participants learn about how energy flows through nature, and how this energy can be captured and used sustainably.

Students hop on our homemade Energy Bikes to blend up delicious smoothies and power light bulbs to recognize and experience the transfer of energy! They race solar cars, play with solar cells and learn to look at light through different lenses.

Working in small teams, students design, make, and test micro wind turbines. They analyze what aspects of a wind turbine are important for specific wind and environmental conditions. We even have a turbine that works in our creek or in high winds. Throughout the course, we have discussions around positive and negative aspects of all renewable energy sources and what considerations need to be taken when thinking about large and small scale applications. To finish up the two days of learning students bring it all together in climate change activities. Through these activities they explore what greenhouse gasses are, where they come from, and the effects they have on our climate.

This program will empower participants to understand that renewable sources of energy are all around us— and that they can be developed with the future of the natural world in mind.

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