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Land Conservation

A Land Trust is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to conservation and protection of our natural heritage in a defined geographical area. The Galiano Conservancy Association was founded in 1989 as one of British Columbia’s first community-based land trusts. Now it is one of the most successful, with island-wide accomplishments. See map of Conservation Areas: Galiano Island.

A land trust may seek opportunities to purchase property to protect ecosystems that are critical to the health and survival of animals, plants and humans, as well as areas of cultural or historical significance. Learn more about the Conservancy’s remarkable record of land acquisitions. These acquisitions involve direct purchase as well as long term management, for which we strongly value your ongoing support.

Land trusts can reinforce both social and ecological values by drawing on local knowledge as well as scientific evaluation. Early community involvement can build an enduring commitment to stewardship. The Galiano Conservancy creates conservation strategies on very diverse protected areas through detailed management plans. The most comprehensive of these is for the Learning Centre property, which will serve as both a connection to a conservation corridor as well as a place for education programs, small scale agriculture, and more.

Cooperative personal relationships are the foundation of land trust success in meeting shared conservation goals. Landowners may decide to work with a Land Trust to offer permanent protection for the ecological, agricultural, scenic, historic or recreational qualities of their land from the possibility of inappropriate future development. The Galiano Conservancy holds many conservation covenants with private landowners, and we have in turn placed conservation covenants on our properties in partnership with the Islands Trust Fund, Habitat Acquisition Trust and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. We abide by the standard set by the Canadian Land Trust Alliance for land trusts entering into Conservation Agreements.

The Galiano Conservancy is always interested in innovative solutions to protect the island environment and a landowner’s interests. To add safeguards to your precious part of the island, to learn more about ecological stewardship, to explore tax advantages of donating property or financial assets, and to discover the benefits of securing a conservation covenant, please contact us for more information.

Conservation Successes

The Galiano Conservancy Association conserves land through direct acquisition to protect habitat for wildlife, maintain ecosystems that are characteristic of the Southern Gulf Islands, and provide access to nature for education purposes. Through strong support from the Galiano community, our members and partners, we have acquired the following properties and conservation covenants:

Lands owned by Galiano Conservancy Association

Area (ha)

Mount Sutil    

A rare, intact Garry Oak Ecosystem which harbours many species at risk.

Retreat Island   

We own a portion of this beautiful island, which includes a Garry Oak meadow.

Pebble Beach Reserve (District Lot 63)   

A large lot in the Reserve containing Coastal Douglas-fir forest that was previously logged.

Laughlin Lake   

An important wetland ecosystem with several species at risk.

Great Beaver Swamp   

A large wetland connecting to the Pebble Beach Reserve with a colourful history.

Millard Learning Centre 

Our largest and most recent acquisition, this property offers many opportunities for restoration, education, sustainable living and connecting with nature. 


Finlay Lake

An important wetland ecosystem at the south end.




Covenants held by Galiano Conservancy Association

Area (ha)

Green Frog Farm Covenant 25.4
Longini Covenant 7.0
Millard Covenant 9.7
Community Forest (DL 30 / 31) 77.5
Community Forest (DL 32) 48.6
Westbourne NAPTEP Covenant 1.7
Laughlin Lake Riparian Uplands 0.5
Vanilla Leaf Lands 40.5
Total 231.5