Program Highlights

A Walk in the Woods

Compare and contrast characteristics of a healthy, mature forest and a once clear cut, now plantation forest as you hike within them. Learn about forest layers and life stages (forest succession) and how forests play a vital role in carbon sequestration and climate resilience.

Forest Field Science

How do forestry professionals measure forest health? Students will gain field science skills as they analyze forest understory diversity, tree size, tree spacing and soil quality.

Tree Pull

Who said you couldn’t teach physics while helping the forest thrive? Pull a towering tree down with your bare hands using an innovative pulley and winch system. This end-of-the-day team-effort contributes to the Conservancy’s on-going 10+ year forest thinning restoration project in the overcrowded plantation forest.

Pebble Beach Lunch Spot

Relax under the sun at Pebble Beach, aptly named for its smooth, perfect-skipping stone pebbles. When the tide is low, look for intertidal creatures in exposed sandstone channels and tidepools

Program Logistics

Age Range

Grades 4 – 12
(~ 9 to 18 years)


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Program Length

Single day

Program Location

Pebble Beach Reserve



Year Round

UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Forest ecosystems and forest succession
  • Applied forestry science field skills and ecological restoration techniques 
  • Nature-based solutions to climate change 
  • First People’s knowledge of sustainable practices and concepts of interconnectedness in the environment



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