Ancient Murrelet (Synthliboramphus antiquus)



  • BC: Blue – S2S3B, S4N (2022)
  • COSEWIC: Special Concern
  • SARA: Special Concern (2006)
  • Global: Apparently Secure (2016)


A small, black-and-white seabird with a pale bill.  Feeds on small fish and zooplankton.


Near-coastal and offshore waters.  Breeds in rocky crevices and earthen burrows.


Occurs in coastal and offshore waters of the Pacific rim, from California to China.  Breeds in colonies on north Pacific islands.


Ancient murrelets breed in large colonies on small islands, and many colonies are in decline due to predation by introduced rats and raccoons.  Human disturbance, oil spills, wind turbines, and pollution threaten this species.

Galiano Status

This species is rarely sighted in the waters around Galiano Island.

Photo Credit

Kris & Robin Gwen Agarwal

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