Columbian Manzanita

Arcostaphylos columbiana
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: qi’qun’aanlhp
  • Description: Evergreen shrub with contorted stems up to 3m tall. Older branches have a rich, red bark that flakes and peels. Urn-shaped flowers yield clusters of dry, red berries.
  • Habitat: Dry rock outcrops, ridgelines, and well-drainage slopes.
  • Harvest: Berries can be harvested in summer.
  • Edibility: The dry berries are sweet and can be ground into a sugar substitute, seasoning, or ‘lemonade’.
  • Fun Fact: Qi’qun’aanlhp requires fire or other disturbance to germinate its seeds. It is among the earliest flowers in spring, feeding newly emerging pollinators.

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