Oemleria cerasiformis
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: tth’uxwun’
  • Description: Deciduous shrub from 1.5 to 5m tall. Bark is purple-brown, leaves are oval-shaped, and white flowers dangle in clusters. Berries ripen red, orange, then purple.
  • Habitat: Open woods, streambanks, and rich mixed woodlands on mesic to moist soil.
  • Pairs with: Salmonberry, thimbleberry, currants, red alder, and maples.
  • Fun Fact: Also known as Juneplums, the small “plums” are worth a try, and the leaves smell and taste like cucumber. These are among the very first flowers of spring, and are a welcome sight to pollinators and people alike at the end of a long winter.

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