Red-flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum
  • Hul’qumi’num Name: sqwulius
  • Description: Deciduous shrub to 2.5 m high and 2 m wide. Bright showers of pink flowers appear in early spring, accompanied by lush green foliage, and followed by waxy blue berries.
  • Habitat: Full sun to partial shade on forest edges, clearings, and rock outcrops.
  • Pair with: Oceanspray, falsebox, baldhip rose, wild gooseberry, and salal.
  • Fun Fact: Sqwulius is adored by hummingbirds, and it’s easy to spot both Anna’s and rufous hummingbirds dancing around the pink flowers in spring. The berries are edible, but probably best left for the birds.

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