Slimleaf Onion (Allium amplectens)



  • BC: Blue – S3 (2019)
  • COSEWIC: Not Ranked
  • SARA: Not Ranked
  • Global: Apparently Secure (1988)
  • Galiano Island Status: Confirmed


This perennial herb grows from a scaly bulb, producing slender onion-like leaves and spectacular terminal inflorescences of white flowers.


Slimleaf onion grows on moist rocky bluffs and meadows at low elevations.


In Canada, slimleaf onion only grows in low elevation areas in the Salish Sea, as far north as Powell River.  In the United States, it grows as far south as California.


Habitat destruction through residential development is the main threat to this species.  Trampling through recreational use and competition with introduced species such as Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) and velvet-grass (Holcus lanatus) also threaten slimleaf onion.

Galiano Status

Populations have been documented on Mount Sutil and along the Strait of Georgia coastline on the south end of the island.

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