Holly obtained a Forestry degree in 1981 and worked for the BC Forest Service on Haida Gwaii for several years in the silviculture department. She then moved on to various administrative and managerial roles in the financial field. Since retirement, she has lived on Galiano part-time for the first three years and full-time for the past seven years.
She currently writes speculative fiction with an emphasis on eco-fiction, with over a hundred short stories published in Rising Tides, Save the World, Cli-Fi: Canadian Tales of Climate Change, and many other publications throughout the world. 
 A long-time member of SFWA, she has been a fiction editor at Solarpunk Magazine and media content coordinator for SF Canada, as well as mentoring new writers and conducting writing workshops.
She is passionate about the environment and believes it is not too late to protect, steward, and restore critical habitat and that, by working together, we can create a new reality.

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