~ Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities ~


Thursdays at the Galiano Community Food Forest

Every Thursday, volunteers meet at the Conservancy’s Food Forest between 10am and 2pm to harvest edibles for local restaurants and markets, care for plants, propagate species for our nursery, and chat over herbal tea.

Thursdays Contact:  Cedana Bourne, GCA Agriculture Coordinator

cedana.bourne@galianoconservancy.ca  /  250-539-2424





Conserving and Protecting Groundwater

Climate change is expected to put additional pressure on limited freshwater resources on Galiano Island.  The Galiano Conservancy is working to demonstrate practices and technologies that can conserve freshwater and reduce our reliance on groundwater.  Projects include:

  • Rainwater cistern and greywater installation
  • Bioswale and wetland creation
  • Drought-tolerant native plant demonstration gardens

Interested in learning more or helping out?  Volunteer opportunities are frequent and ongoing.  Get in touch:

Groundwater Contact:  Adam Huggins, GCA Restoration Coordinator

restoration@galianoconservancy.ca   /  778-322-0607


Other Opportunities

Looking for something different? We are a diverse organization, with lots to offer and your talent can help us.  Here are just a few examples of what you can do to help are:

  • Join our Fundraising Team. We will be organizing creative, fun and rewarding events and appeals throughout the year.
  • Support our education program and learn how to show children the delights of our natural world.
  • Join a restoration project for an afternoon to pull broom and remove other invasive species or help propagate plants in our native plant nursery.
  • Operate a boat or become a community diver for our rockfish monitoring project and summer Scotch Broom removal efforts!

And so much more; let us know your interests and we will connect you with a project that you will enjoy.

Please contact us using the form below to learn more about how you can get involved.