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Renewable Energy with Reynolds Secondary

On May 3 to 4th the Reynolds Secondary Flexible Studies Class (Gr. 9/10) rocked the Renewable Energy in Action Program! This was the oldest group of students to participate in the program thus far. We had an amazing time sharing our knowledge and encouraging conversations about energy practices.

Kinetic energy transformation = smoothie

With one over night camp out at the Millard Learning Center and two full days of Energy activities, these keen students impressed us all with their interest and awareness of climate change.

After completing the program, 91% of the 21 participants stated their knowledge of renewable Energy had increased.

Now that is a successful education program! Not only has their knowledge of climate change and renewables increased, but also they were inspired to take what they had learned home and spread it by encouraging green energy practices in their lives and those of their families.

“I feel more aware about the effects of my actions.” – age 16

“I think I’m going to try to convince my parents to get solar panels.” –age 16

“I really enjoyed the depth of knowledge that the educators were happy to share across all fields of science.” –age 16

For this program Tom Mommsen PhD, our solar specialist, brought his Tesla electric car. The students had one activity where they explored the Tesla and Tom taught them about the car and how practical electric vehicles are. Many student were inspired and hope to one day own their own net zero vehicle. One student mentioned that at Reynolds Secondary her pear already drives to school in an electric car! 

Thank you to Heather and Greg, their amazing teachers who brought them to the Galiano and got us to dive deeper into higher-level science. We look forward to seeing the Flexible studies class again.