Dip netting at the wetland.

Community Programs on Galiano Island

Unforgettable activities for day camps, Scouts and Cubs, community centres, church groups, Girl Guides and Brownies, Boys and Girls Clubs, and community groups of all kinds.

Day-Long Adventures: $32 per participant

Galiano Survivor Eco-challenge

Hone your sense of direction as you home in on our island wilderness. Join us as we orient ourselves at the Millard Learning Centre, with its 80 acres of mature coastal forest and two kilometers of waterfront.  We’ll master navigation, compass and map-reading skills to find Galiano Island’s ecological treasures. And, we will get hands-on with basic survival skills such as fire making, shelter building and knot-tying.  For the grand finale we will gain a sense of place (and more survival skills) through identifying native edible plants.

It’s a day full of nature-based outdoor learning, as we work together to master low-tech, high-fun, potentially life-saving skills.  Unforgettable.

Suitable for groups with young people age 12 and up.

Does your group qualify for a bursary? We offer financial aid to help cover your costs. Find out how. 

What A Marine Life!

Starting on Shell Beach (an ancient First Nations midden or shell-pile) we will trek together through a beautiful forest, past an amazing tidal lagoon and along a shoreline, to the intertidal zone where we roll up our sleeves and get busy, using nets and buckets to catch, identify and release a remarkable diversity of animals. Then, in a “Teaching Train”, the young people become the teachers, showing the adults -and each other- the creatures they have learned about.

Suitable for groups with young people age 7 and up. 

teaching train

What a marine life!

 Trek to the Mountain Top

One of the great things about Galiano Island is that, with a little hiking, you can get right up to the top of the island in a short time. The Garry Oak meadow high atop Mount Galiano is a breathtaking place to look out on the beautiful Southern Gulf Islands- and to get up-close and personal with  the residents of one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems.  It’s more than just a hike- it’s a hands-on experience with some of the most important habitat in Canada.

Suitable for groups age 9 and up. 

Galiano Conservancy: we’re becoming famous for our focus on fun- with a solid foundation in eco-education. We teach skills to save the planet!

The Edible Forest

Get your  hands dirty in our cutting-edge Food Forest, through activities like planting, weeding and harvesting. It’s a great chance for city kids to discover where our food comes from—and to discover what sustainable farming looks like. You’ve probably never seen anything like a healthy Food Forest in action!

Suitable for groups with young people aged 9 and up. 

Edible Flowers in the Food Forest

Edible Flowers in the Food Forest

Coastal Forests of Pebble Beach

Under the towering firs, we will explore and compare two forests—one healthy, one in restoration—analyzing their feeling, understory, size, spacing and soil.  Through games and activities—like the fact-paced Mushroom Game— participants will get a deeper understanding of native species and the amazing ways that life in a forest is interconnected. 

Suitable for groups with youth 9 and up.

Community group, "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren"

Community group, “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”

Overnight Experiences: From $149 per participant

Backcountry Experience (3 days, 2 nights)

Hike into experiential learning! Bring your own outdoor gear, or rent our high-quality camping equipment. We’ll take you into the hills and forests of Galiano. Your group will be immersed in the wild back-country through natural history activities, and gain wildlife awareness. Learn to navigate with a compass through rare coastal old-growth forests. Galiano Island is the perfect place to try out your group’s hiking and camping skills—our instructors are experienced, our climate is mild and our island has no large carnivores.

Kids camping

Getting to Galiano is easy! Learn more.

Campout Combo Adventure

Choose any combination of our one-day programs above, and we will create an unforgettable experience with you based out of our stunning 188-acre Millard Learning Centre, with camping, dining and classroom facilities.

We are a short ferry ride away… but a world apart from the city.

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