Galiano Education Program FAQs


  • Do you provide camping gear for students/staff without their own?
    • Dependent on the program gear is typically provided. For teachers, leaders and other staff accompanying students or youth, a small rental fee will be charged for the use of gear.
  • What are the facilities at the camping area?
    • The camping area has tent platforms, pit toilets, a communal eating tent, picnic tables, and two firepits.
  • Do we need to bring our own food cache systems?
    • If you are renting the Millard Learning Centre facility, there is ample storage inside. For those only renting the camping area, you are encouraged to bring your own totes to store food and ropes and dry sack to create a cache in a nearby tree.
  • What is available for toilet and bathing facilities?
    • Two pit toilets are available on the premises, and showers and additional toilets are in the final stages of construction. These will hopefully be available in late summer.
  • Is wildlife a concern?
    • Wildlife is present on Galiano Island, predominantly deer and small rodents. Predators very occasionally swim over to the island, however this is quite rare. We take precautions by storing our food properly and leaving no trace.
  • Are campfires allowed?
    • Dependent on the fire danger rating and the need for permits. We will let you know what the status is during site introduction. For warmth purposes we also have a propane stove that can be used.
  • Should we bring our own toilet paper, sanitizer or general cleaning supplies?
    • No, we provide all these items.
  • Is there an eating area?
    • Yes we have a covered area, complete with four picnic tables.
  • Is there drinking water on site?
    • Yes, there is drinking water inside the building, and if you are camping we will provide you with ample supplies of drinking water. There is also non – potable water available at a dish washing station and from taps on the exterior of the building.
  • What should we pack?
    • Dependent on weather and program, there is a variety of items that are needed. Please check out are recommended packing list.
  • What are the garbage and recycling facilities on site?
    • We have recycling, garbage and compost systems available on site. We encourage you to pack consciously to limit garbage, as all garbage left on Galiano has to be sent off island.

Millard Learning Centre

  • What does the Learning Centre have to offer?
    • Situated on 188 acres the Learning Centre features a recycled structure, industrial scale kitchen, expansive multi – purpose space, cooking and dishware, desk and chairs. Additionally, the building was designed to have a small footprint, with a portion of the energy produced by solar panels on the premise, as well as a water recycling system.
  • Are we able to use it while we camp?
    • Yes, a group can either choose to rent out the space and space around it, or simply rent out the camping facilities and utilize the basement for food storage.
  • Does the facility have wifi and phone service?
    • Limited cellphone service is available at the site. Dependent on the program or rental agreement limited wifi could be made available.
  • Can the facility be rented out?
    • Yes, the Millard Learning Centre can be rented, independant of educational courses. It is the perfect site for conferences, retreats and field schools


  • We would prefer not to bring our own transport to Galiano, do you have a bus available?
    • The bus is available to take you from the ferry to your program locations throughout the day/days
  • How many people can the bus carry?
    • We have a large school bus available that seats up to 54 children or 36 adults.
  • How much does the bus cost?
    • The bus is available to take you from the ferry to your program locations throughout the day/days, for a price range of $170 – $190 per group.
  • Will the bus pick us up from the ferry?
    • Yes, the bus, bus driver, and a member of the Galiano Conservancy Education team will meet you at the ferry and lead you to the bus.
  • Are bursaries offered to cover bus expenses?
    • Yes!


  • How do we get to the island?
    • The vast majority of groups travel by ferry.
  • Are the ferries at convenient times?
    • Yes ferries from both Victoria and Vancouver are at convenient times that are ideal for both day trips to the island and well as overnight ones. More information here. 

Other Concerns:

  • Is there a hospital on the island?
    • There is a clinic on the island and a doctor on call. There is also an ambulance and three fire stations on Galiano. For emergencies, Victoria, Vancouver and Salt Spring hospitals are nearby and accessible by boat, or if needed helicopter ambulance.
  • Is there any grocery stores in case we forget anything?
    • Yes, there are three grocery stores on the island, as well as a hardware store, to purchase any forgotten items.
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