K-12 Field Trips

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Backcountry Experience Belmont School

Backcountry Experience

(Grades 6-12. Two nights.) Experience a variety of Galiano ecosystems through challenging hikes, natural history activities, and explorations of forest, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Our skilled staff will guide you through interactive lessons on orienteering, food caching, wilderness safety, shelter building, knot …
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Coastal Forests of Pebble Beach

(Grades 5-12) Hiking, restoration and lunch at the beach! Learn about BC’s forestry history and how sustainable forestry fights climate change. Experience the aspects of a healthy mature forest and contrast them with a once clear cut, now plantation forest.
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Galiano Eco-Survivor

(Grades 3-8) Prepare yourself for wilderness survival on Galiano Island! Orienteering, shelter building, wilderness first aid, and key plant identifications are major parts of the day. After this full day program students will be prepared to be in the outdoors with confidence …
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Crab molt.

Marine Investigations

(Grades 3-12) Explore the amazing adaptations and life cycles of the Salish Sea’s diverse intertidal and subtidal creatures through careful catch-and-release and our wet and wild dock discovery.
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Native Plant Inspirations

(Grades 3-8) Step into our Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest and spend time learning about people-plant relationships through edible and medicinal native plants. During the program students will gain hands-on experience in restoration and plant identification, and the learning doesn’t stop there. Each student will …
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People, Plants, and Pollinators

(Grades 3-8) This is a hands-on educational adventure all about pollinators and their habitat. The fascinating world of pollinators is brought to life at the Food Forest at the Millard Learning Centre property. Students will get to know native and introduced pollinators, …
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Quest for the Mountain Top

(Grades 5-10) Watch raptors soar, and soak up breathtaking views on Galiano’s tallest peak. Students will discover the cultural, biological and climate-related significance of Gary oak meadows and help us restore them through active invasive plant control.
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Renewable Energy in Action

(Grades 6-12. OVERNIGHT) Learn about energy sustainability, why it matters, and have fun in nature at the same time! Students will gain experience and knowledge of solar photovoltaics, thermal solar, micro-hydro and micro-wind and will apply them in a real-world context, through …
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The Future of Food

(Grades 8-10) Grab a shovel and get your hands dirty! Experience the bounty of the Food Forest—a cutting-edge permaculture garden at the Millard Learning Centre. Students will discover “Forest Gardening” and the environmental, social, and economic significance of sustainable agriculture while planting, …
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