One Island, One Earth

An Ecological Footprint and Fingerprint for Galiano Island

Between 2020 and 2022, we set out to try to answer the question: “Is the Galiano Island community living sustainably within and relative to the resources provided by Galiano Island?”  This is what we found.

All artwork on this page is by Gitxsan artist Shar Wilson – to find more of her work, visit

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Questions and Answers

Learn more about the assessments we used.

Technical Reports from Project Partners

We surveyed the Galiano Island community, and provided data to our project partners to analyze. Click below to review their results and methods.

BCIT Centre for Ecocities & CHRM Consulting

Ecological Footprint Technical Memo

Global Footprint Network

Biocapacity Methodology Report


Meet ‘Sole’ – The Ecological Footprint Puppet!

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Resources by Footprint Category

The Ecological Footprint breaks down into five categories: transportation, food, buildings & stationary energy, consumables & waste, and water. There are many local organizations already working in these areas. We’ve compiled useful resources that we used to understand our results.

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Digital Media

Learn more about the project through audio and visual media.

Podcast Episode

This episode of the Future Ecologies podcast discusses the One Island, One Earth project in-depth from a variety of perspectives, and features interviews with Levi Wilson, Dr. William Rees, and Dr. Beate Ratter.

Short Film

This short film features an interview with Levi Wilson and Emily Menzies, who provide a deep-time perspective on traditional place names and manufactured landscapes, and what they communicate about the worldviews of the Hul’qumi’num-speaking people who call the lands and waters that comprise Galiano Island home.

Short Film

This short film features an interview with Karen and Richard Charlie, who discuss what it means to live off of the land and water, and how this underlines the importance of caring for the Earth for present and future generations.

Interviews with elders and the students from the Galiano Island Community School

Audio Collage

In the spring of 2022, Deblekha Guin and Richard Wilson worked with the Upper Intermediate class at The Galiano Community School (12 students between Grades 4-7) to teach them the basics about interviewing and recording on zoom. In the spirit of ‘hands on learning,’ it began with them practicing their interviewing skills by interviewing each other. The next day they worked in groups to interview 5 local elders.

One Earth Sound Collage Facilitators: Richard Wilson, Deblekha Guin

Interviewers: Asher, Catalina, Elija, Hayley, Malakai, Lexi, Mila, Zadie

Interviewees: Bob Bambrick, Cathy Buttery, Laurene Stefanyk, Gord Palmberg, Randy Wolkowski

Public Information Session

Our November 17 2020 Public Information Session was a great success, attracting over 50 participants. The event started with a guest speaker series featuring Shar Wilson from Lelum Sar Augh Ta Naogh First Nation, Dr. Jennie Moore from the BCIT Centre for Ecocities, and Dr. Beate Ratter from the University of Hamburg. Next, we introduced our initiative to calculate the ecological footprint of Galiano, and we finished with a community discussion. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Session Summary – live graphic recording by Adriana Contreras

Partners & Funders

We wish to thank everyone that contributed to this project, from all of the Galiano households that completed our surveys, to the many people that provided us with insight and feedback. We wouldn’t have been able to do this project without you, and we hope you see yourselves reflected in it.

Thanks also to our project partners and funders.