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The following are a selection of stewardship tips stemming from our “Ecologically Conscious Neighbours” Stewardship program: Learn to identify and control invasive exotic species such as Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, evergreen blackberry...

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For many of the participants who would benefit from bursaries, natural areas and environmental education are out of reach. The purpose of the bursary fund it to make these places and experiences accessible...

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Take your students on a journey of discovery, creating ecological awareness and encouraging a deep caring for the places we all inhabit.

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Deep-Challenge #6: All about Berries

Today, it is all about Berries! Challenge starts June 1st and finishes June 15th Here on Galiano Island, there is a big interest in ‘grazing’ through the woods. During the spring, we love to eat the new tips of a Douglas Fir, taste the young, bright green Salal leaves, and find some delicious Oyster Mushrooms […]

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DEEP-Challenge #5: Wildflowers

Look out for wildflowers & press one of your favourite flowers Challenge starts May 18th and finishes June 1st Who doesn’t love flowers? Currently, the native plants on the Southern Gulf Islands & greater Victoria area are blooming in magnificent and diverse colours! See if you can spot all of the native wildflowers below: Do […]

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Deep-Challenge #4: Beachside Bingo

Beachside Bingo! Challenge starts May 4th and finishes May 17th Discover the vast biodiversity of British Columbia’s intertidal zones on a walk along the island’s shoreline and beaches. The 4th DEEP Challenge is for everyone, young and old, interested in all creatures of our magnificent shorelines. What are Tides? Tides are the vertical motion of […]

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Salmon Release

Salmon Release at Greig Creek Every year, the Galiano Community School (GCS) and the Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA) are lucky to be a part of the Fisheries and Oceans Canada ‘Salmonids in the Classroom’ program and are raising Salmon together on Galiano Island. This year’s Chum Salmon eggs arrived on February 5th on Galiano Island, […]

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DEEP-Challenge #3: Birding

Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt! Challenge starts April 20th and finishes May 3rd Bird Watching, or birding is a style of wildlife observation where birds are the main focus of the observer, and identifying the species of birds observed is the goal. You don’t have to be a scientist to be a birder! You can go […]

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