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The following are a selection of stewardship tips stemming from our “Ecologically Conscious Neighbours” Stewardship program: Learn to identify and control invasive exotic species such as Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, evergreen blackberry...

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For many of the participants who would benefit from bursaries, natural areas and environmental education are out of reach. The purpose of the bursary fund it to make these places and experiences accessible...

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Take your students on a journey of discovery, creating ecological awareness and encouraging a deep caring for the places we all inhabit.

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Marine Investigations with Delta Secondary

Spaghetti worm image courtesy of http://www.sctoriesfrontporch.com/short-stories/on-the-job-with-brian-bingham Galiano Conservancy Association Educators Emily, Frida, Ria, Sydney and Barbara had the chance to take students from Delta Secondary school out to Sum’nuw (Montague Harbour) for our Marine Investigations program. We had incredible low tides for the Free Exploration aspect of the program that allowed us to see some very […]

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galiano island sunset

Cambie Secondary’s Backcountry Experience

Students from Cambie Secondary School in Richmond arrived at the Millard Learning Centre on May 29th, 2019 for the Backcountry Experience program with the Galiano Conservancy. During this program, students at any experience level gain essential skills for backcountry camping in BC’s wilderness. The program starts by teaching students how to pack their backpacks for […]

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Brockton Secondary at Montague

Monterey Sea Lemon. Image courtesy of https://www.vichighmarine.ca/monterey-sea-lemon/ We were so excited to have students from Brockton Secondary School join us for our Marine Investigations program at Montague Harbour. The Hul’qumi’num name for Montague is Sum’nuw, meaning hidden place, due to how sheltered it is. In the rain and wind, we were all thankful for the sheltered or […]

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Renewable Energy with Reynolds Secondary

On May 3 to 4th the Reynolds Secondary Flexible Studies Class (Gr. 9/10) rocked the Renewable Energy in Action Program! This was the oldest group of students to participate in the program thus far. We had an amazing time sharing our knowledge and encouraging conversations about energy practices. With one over night camp out at […]

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