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The following are a selection of stewardship tips stemming from our “Ecologically Conscious Neighbours” Stewardship program: Learn to identify and control invasive exotic species such as Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, evergreen blackberry...

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For many of the participants who would benefit from bursaries, natural areas and environmental education are out of reach. The purpose of the bursary fund it to make these places and experiences accessible...

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Take your students on a journey of discovery, creating ecological awareness and encouraging a deep caring for the places we all inhabit.

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Renewable Energy with Reynolds Secondary

On May 3 to 4th the Reynolds Secondary Flexible Studies Class (Gr. 9/10) rocked the Renewable Energy in Action Program! This was the oldest group of students to participate in the program thus far. We had an amazing time sharing our knowledge and encouraging conversations about energy practices. With one over night camp out at […]

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Our Renewable Energy Program is Live!

The Galiano Conservancy Associations has now debuted our new Renewable Energy in Action program! GCA educators Emily, Ria and Reed with special help from Tom Mommsen (our solar energy expert) have been devoted to the development of this new program. From thought showers to hands-on building and trouble shooting of the experiments, they did it […]

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coastal forests edward milne

Coastal Forests: A Student Video

Students were from Edward Milne Secondary School joined us for an unforgettable three- day program with us. First day was the Mount Galiano hike on a very sunny day; the second day was our popular Coastal Forest hike, where we did a teaching train and created this video, and third was a hike into Dionisio […]

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Coastal Forests with a Snap

A School Adventure Our Coastal Forest Program with the SJ Willis Alternative School was a huge success! Experiencing Galiano’s coastal forest, comparing a mature forest with a non-mature forest and learning about the forest floor was so much fun for everyone. Students especially enjoyed the teaching train, exploring the intertidal, and pulling down a tree […]

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