Quest for the Mountain Top

Watch raptors soar, and soak up breathtaking views on Galiano’s tallest peak.

(Grades 5-10)

Mount Galiano is home to one of Canada’s most endangered and rare ecosystems—the Garry Oak ecosystem. Students will discover the cultural, biological and climate-related significance of Gary oak meadows and help us restore them through active invasive plant control.

One of the great things about Galiano Island is that, with a little hiking, you can get right up to the top of the island in a short time. The Garry Oak meadow high atop Mount Galiano is a breathtaking place to see the interconnectness in one of Canada’s most endangered ecosystems—one that First Nations have been managing for thousands of years. Students will actively engage in restoration through the removal of invasive plants, and discover how Garry Oak meadows can help us adapt to a changing climate.

“Receiving the bursary for the Galiano Conservancy Association “Quest for the Mountain Top” Program made this trip possible for our class. Coming from an inner-city school in Surrey, many of our students had never hiked a mountain let alone been on a ferry, and the cost of the trip was out of the question without the bursary. The trip to Galiano was unbelievable. Students were engaged the entire time, and learning was taking place from morning to night.

Not only was it a new experience for all of them, they all became more aware of native and non-native species in the ecosystems around us and what we can do to play a role in protecting the environment. The students would have spent hours removing the scotch broom if they could have stayed longer. As we were packing up to hike down, we spotted orcas from the top of the mountain. Many of them saw their first whale on this trip! It was exciting to see the students growing a joy for the outdoors, adventure and exploration all while learning and having fun.” – Carrie B, Grade 6 Teacher


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