Quest for the Mountain Top

Quest for the Mountain Top

Watch raptors soar, and soak up breathtaking views of the Trincomali Channel from Galiano’s tallest peak. Mount Galiano is home to a Garry Oak ecosystem; an ecosystem found nowhere else in Canada besides BC’s south coast. Discover the cultural, biological and climate-related significance of Garry oak meadows and help restore them through active invasive plant control.

Program Overview


April – June (Wildflower Season)


Mount Galiano

Recommended Grades

Grades 4-12

Curriculum Links

  • Sensitive ecosystems and species at risk
  • Forest succession, fire ecology and climate change 
  • Applied plant biology field skills and ecological restoration techniques 
  • First People’s knowledge of sustainable practices and concepts of interconnectedness in the environment
  • Mental and physical health associated to active, outdoor activities

UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • 13 – Climate Action
  • 15 – Life on Land

Program Highlights

Unique and Rare Species

Garry Oak ecosystems have more rare and endangered species than any other ecosystem in Canada. Look for colourful wildflowers, edible native plants and fauna found only in Garry Oak meadows. Learn how First Nations peoples have been caring for these special ecosystems for thousands of years.

Helping Endangered Ecosystems

Grab your gloves and loppers and help us save our Garry Oak ecosystems! Kids will work together to remove invasive plants that are crowding out native species.

Get Active Outdoors

Get your steps in as you hike from sea level to Mount Galiano’s 314 meter summit. This moderately challenging hike takes about  1-1.5 hours (with a few breaks in between) from parking lot to peak. This program is a great opportunity for those looking to introduce their class to hiking and outdoor recreation.


Costs per group for day and overnight programs.


How to get here, what to bring, how to prepare.


We can offer financial help to groups in need!


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The trip to Galiano was unbelievable. Students were engaged the entire time, and learning was taking place from morning to night. Not only was it a new experience for all of them, they all became more aware of native and non-native species in the ecosystems around us and what we can do to play a role in protecting the environment. The students would have spent hours removing the scotch broom if they could have stayed longer. As we were packing up to hike down, we spotted orcas from the top of the mountain. Many of them saw their first whale on this trip! It was exciting to see the students growing a joy for the outdoors, adventure and exploration all while learning and having fun.

– Carrie Baker, Royal Heights Elementary Teacher

I think I gained a greater understanding of the balance of invasive and introduced species on the islands, and how we can restore that balance.

– Taven, Age 17

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